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Hospitals have become the Covid Killing Fields. We must end their unaccountable use of the Deadly NIH Protocols put in place under the guise of Emergency.

Dr. Elizabeth Vliet and the Truth For Health Foundation shared with us the tool we can use now to do just that.

We all know that it’s nearly impossible to find a brave lawyer or judge to help you in a case like this. Worse yet, who has the time or money, especially in the aftermath of such an experience. This simple tool, Filing a Sentinel Report, allows you to put the hospital on notice and requires that they investigate the situation.

Dr. Vliet’s Team at has posted a detailed how-to as well as a request that anyone that does file said report, come back to the site and complete a short form with the details. Her team will use this information to help us all hold hospitals accountable and has partnered with a few law firms to push this movement forward with the information they collect.

You can view the program at Stop the White Coat Killers to learn more.

The hospitals and the Federal Bureaucracy will not be able to ignore all of our voices. Let’s make sure they hear us loud and clear. “We know what you’re doing and we are going to hold you accountable!”

Read more about the perverse incentives the government offered to hospitals to murder patients with experimental drugs.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of this atrocious medical treatment they call Covid Care, you can find more resources for legal help and community at the links below.


Use these in conjunction with the steps outlined on the File A Complaint page.

Remdesivir or Veklury hospital injury, death or harm? Visit this link if you’re interested in becoming part of a class action lawsuit or sharing your story.

Pro Se Discussed

Attorney Todd Callender and Pro Se expert James Tracy join Sean at SGT Report to discuss the crimes of the CDC, Big Pharma and the Deep State – and HOW we can and will hold them accountable in the courts, without an attorney.

Let’s hold these people accountable and amend the behavior of those “in charge”. They believe that our passive acceptance is implied authority. That only stands if we don’t push back

Learn More about Pro Se Actions

The created the Covid-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project which has extensive resources for community, medical records review and more.

Remdesivir Class Action Suit

And if you or a loved was also the victim of the known poison Remdesivir/Veklury, there is a class action suit being developed now that you can still sign up to participate in here.

To Learn more about the important tools of Patient Advocacy as we enter this next flu season, be sure to visit, whose founder, Ali Shultz, experienced first-hand both success and failure as an advocate just last year! Her experience is our gain!

And of course to learn more about Military Medical Martial Law and the Plans of the Criminal Global Cartel visit

Find Pro Se (Self Help) Legal Tools and More at

If you’re an attorney that would like to join the fight, contact or

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