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Write a letter to anyone you believe is expecting you to COMPLY with these unconstitutional demands.

Here are templates you can start with. Let them know what you think! IT IS IMPERATIVE WE PUSH BACK. They require our cooperation to steal our rights!


Print, sign and file affidavits at county courthouses, under “Civil-Miscellaneous” category and “In re: fraudulent Covid-19 national emergency” heading.

Affidavit of Noncompliance


Print, sign and deliver notices to all persons who administer, mandate, promote, ratify or otherwise serve as accomplices to war crimes under 18 USC 2441. Perpetrators include local and state government prosecutors, sheriffs, police officers, administrators, legislators, executives, judges, doctors, nurses, school officials.

Vaccine Harms – Put Them on Notice
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Notice of War Crimes
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Assumption of Liability

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Find more letters and information on our Election Integrity page and help us Throw the Machines Out

Another resource for letter writing and building to maintain our freedoms and demand our rights be protected here. https://10letters.org/

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