Election Integrity

Do you want to ensure we have an election and not another {S}election. Below are lists of steps we can take NOW and on Election Day as well as things we should NOT DO that make Fraud easier. Please read and share!


Don’t let the RAIN deter YOU! And Protect your Ballot from getting WET at ALL COSTS! They will use damage to put it through the “Adjudication” process…

  • Vote ON Election Day IN PERSON (late in day if you can) – Bring Plastic to Protect your Mail Ballot from Rain!!
  • Use/Bring a BLUE Ink Pen to Mark Your Ballot versus Black
  • Use Paper and Not the Machine to Mark Your Ballot
  • See Something, Say Something: Report Fraud @ True the Vote, Frank Speech, or CloutHub’s Restore Election Integrity

Things To Do Today:

Identified Fraud: You can Use the Templates Below to Put Your Election Officials and Sheriffs on Notice. Take Action!


Sample Court Election Complaint with Exhibits

This is a ‘civil rights action for declaratory and injunctive relief, or in the alternative, for a writ of mandamus, to prohibit the use of electronic voting machines” in YOUR COUNTY.

View and Download Full Complaint below.

A letter like this can be filed in a court. Just change the relevant details to your own State, County, etc.

Use these exhibits to support your election integrity related letters, notices and complaints. We’ve preserved them in the event their links get wiped. Please use some or all in your own letters, notices, and complaints.

Complaint Sample and Supporting Exhibits

Sample Court Filed Election Integrity Complaint with Exhibits

Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals on Need for Election Integrity

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Download [203.73 KB]

Report on The Investigation of Russian Interference 2016 Presidential Election

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Broken Chain of Custody on Ballots Sent to Undeliverable Addresses (Demand Letter)

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Write to Anyone and Everyone. Let’s flood them with our message that We Do Not Consent!

Generic Complaint Letters

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be sent, and the time is NOW!

WE DO NOT CONSENT to Machine Balloting or Rights Limiting Quarantine Laws.

Perhaps you don’t like the fact that your state mailed ballots out to every ‘eligible’ voter, or that all the signature comparisons will be done later without public oversight. Perhaps you don’t agree with the use of machines that cloak proprietary algorithms that cannot be inspected by the public or even the candidates whose outcome depends on them.

Use the Exhibits (articles, court cases, and other facts) here to validate your complaint or letter.

Adapt the simple Complaint/Letter information to your situation. It does not have to be perfect!

For the more intrepid or ANGRY, file this edited Complaint in your County.


  • Do NOT Send back mailed Ballots addressed to people incorrectly, as those official ballots can then be put back into ‘circulation’.
  • Do NOT Mail Your Ballot in Early, allowing the early data to be utilized for algorithmic manipulation and back-up ‘balloting’ in their multi-day, post election ‘counting.’
  • Avoid Using the Ballot Marking Device or Machine Balloting. (Ask for a Paper Ballot or Vote The One Mailed To You On Election Day.)

There is Fraud in our Elections. We know it and they know it.

Additional Resources you can use and share

Truth and Liberty Coalition Voting Tools – To connect with your officials and other relevant data.

FOIA or Freedom of Information Act – Request Information from your Government Agencies. Just knowing the public is watching can bring more accountability.

Center for Renewing America – Election Integrity

ProtectAmerica.vote can Connect you with Your Sheriff whose job it is to protect your rights, including your voter rights.

True the Vote has State by State Election as well as contact information for your local election authorities

Visit Heritage.org to learn about Election Scorecard, Voter Fraud, and Election Integrity

An Open Letter from Retired Generals on Election Fraud

Watch 2000 Mules The Movie

IV3 (Independent Voter Data Validation and Verification) – You can do more than vote. Help them Verify the Data.

Pro Se Discussed

Attorney Todd Callender and Pro Se expert James Tracy join Sean at SGT Report to discuss the crimes of the CDC, Big Pharma and the Deep State – and HOW we can and will hold them accountable in the courts, without an attorney.

Let’s hold these people accountable and amend the behavior of those “in charge”. They believe that our passive acceptance is implied authority. That only stands if we don’t push back

Learn More about Pro Se Actions

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