Welcome to the Five Small Stones website. Here you can find tools and resources to help drive the entitled globalist overlords, who have infiltrated and co-opted the American executive branch and administrative agencies, out of the US Government and out of our country.

They have been working for 75 years to isolate, surround and remove us from power over our government.

We the People must turn the tables: identify and isolate the invaders and their accomplices working within our federal and state governments, surround them and remove them from power. 

To achieve this, Election and Medical Integrity must be Restored.

Please visit our Election Integrity Pages to Learn More and help us Throw the Machines Out.

Our Mission

Equip thousands of ‘Davids’ with the legal tools and information to stand up to genocidal ‘Goliaths’ in government, military, hospitals, nursing homes, workplaces, schools and courthouses.

In addition to cutting edge information, We offer two collections of templates and sample documents to help the people utilize our Legal System, Pro Se

The Election Integrity Collection

Tools to clearly notify local, state and federal officials that you understand the election fraud tactics they have used in the past, you know which election integrity tools need to be put in place, you are watching their management of the 2022 general election, and you will hold them directly and personally accountable if they fail to run a sound election Nov. 8.

The Medical Integrity Collection

Tools to clearly notify local, state and federal officials and their private-sector accomplices that you understand the fraud and genocide program that they have imposed on the American people through the Covid-19 war crimes, demand that they stop participating in the war crimes, and demand that they make sure the injured and bereaved are cared for and the perpetrators of the crimes are brought to justice.

Get Educated

To be in this fight we must educate ourselves and those we love. To learn more select from the topics below.

Here you can find information on the The Planned Weaponization of Public Health Through new Legislation, using our fear of disease and herd mentality against us. Of course, to get these new laws passed, they will need to place the right candidates in office.

NEW Quarantine Powers Legislation

Help bring awareness to the sweeping Quarantine Powers being introduced and passed in all 50 states at the hint of a sniffle, now that we’ve all been trained on compliance. Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox successfully brought a Case in NY against Governor Hochul, who plans to appeal after she’s ‘reelected’ to regain those tyrannical powers.

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