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Five Small Stones Legal Network is a US-based worldwide network of attorneys, doctors, nurses, paralegals, research scientists, data analysts and others trying to empower ordinary men and women to work through the legislative and judicial systems, to repel the foreign invaders who have overthrown our Constitutional, checks-and-balances form of government and co-opted our Presidency, cabinet and administrative agencies.

We kicked this initiative off with a Military Medical Martial Law Symposium held on Oct. 6, to provide information about the weaponization of American public health systems through legislation and to call the American People to action.

Our goal is to restore our exiled Constitution to its rightful place as supreme law of the land and remove from power all of the treasonous elected and appointed officials — including presidents, governors, administrative agency directors, lawmakers, judges and advisory board members — who have been acting as agents of foreign powers and robbing our people of our inalienable rights.

And to replace those traitors with men and women who are loyal to the Constitution and the American People, using the tools of valid elections and valid civil and criminal prosecutions.

Our working model of the current national predicament:

All federal ‘governing power’ has been concentrated into the federal executive branch — the President and his appointed cabinet secretaries and administrative agency officials, through a planned process that has unfolded since 1945, largely driven by the interests of globalist financiers. 

These Globalist Banksters used two primary methods to achieve the overthrow of the US Constitutional system.

First, through fraudulent elections plus campaign finance corruption, they have subordinated virtually all members of Congress to the will of those who fund elections and the corporations who control ballot-counting machines. Congress is no longer in any way accountable to the people who cast ballots and pay taxes.

Second, the globalist banksters have gradually and successfully manipulated each Congress to adopt illegitimate laws that are invalid in principle, but have for practical purposes, destroyed Congress’s own Constitutional legislative and oversight “checks and balances” power, and also removed the Constitutional power of the federal judiciary to review executive and legislative actions for Constitutionality.

Within states, a similar centralization process has occurred, partly driven by federal funding mechanisms that incentivized concentration of power in governor and agency director hands, increased family and individual financial and social dependency on the government, and penalized self-reliant communities and strong, small business-based economies.

A crucial piece of the globalist banksters program has been the merger of the federal military with the federal public health systems — also since 1945 — to achieve two strategic goals: reduce the American population through medicalized genocide, and control the behavior of survivors through digital identification and centralized currency systems. 

They are not motivated by money. They are motivated by a desire to obtain universal power and to hold that power permanently, by eliminating any possibility of any uprising against their elite class and the absolute power over human lives to which they believe they are entitled by circumstances of birth and upbringing.

Under the political and social cover of Covid-19, they have successfully established a joint population command-and-control system operated by the US Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Health and Human Services, with legal cover provided by the US Attorney General and US Department of Justice and logistical support from the US Secretary of Homeland Security. These are all executive branch cabinet-level agencies led by appointed officials whose primary allegiance is to the globalist banksters, not to the American people.

The US Constitutional form of government is a problem for the globalist banksters, and they have therefore worked very hard to provoke popular unrest, deepen popular distrust of institutions, and weaken cultural traditions. 

Their goal is to infiltrate the hearts and minds of the American people in the same way that they’ve already covertly infiltrated the hearts and minds of all executive branch officials, most Congress members and many federal judges. 

They’re trying to get the People to reject our Constitutional form of government in despair at the corruption and dysfunction and abuses.

They want us to beg the DOD, United Nations, World Economic Forum, World Bank, World Health Organization, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and related globalist institutions to openly and permanently take over the national institutions they’ve covertly and temporarily taken over through the 75-year process outlined above.

Weakened though we are by Covid, including the spread of the physical illness and also the societal diseases of propaganda, censorship, social isolation and division, the shock of the ordeal has also offered us a chance to wake up and fight back. We have time to openly and decisively embrace and restore our Constitutional form of government, and cast out of our society only the specific living people who have infiltrated and overthrown our country from within the US Government itself.

To do that, we need lots of people to file lots of papers in lots of county, state and federal courts, legislative offices and in the board rooms and executive suites of the US government’s private-sector accomplices. 

The goal is to make it super-clear to the men and women in judicial courtrooms, sheriffs’ departments, prosecutors’ offices and legislative chambers that a good chunk of the People is now onto the 75-year crime spree and prepared to support anyone who’s ready to fight back against the globalist banksters.

We need them to know that we’re prepared to impose a cost on those who don’t get on the right side of this information, finance and law war right quick, by removing from office everyone who is complicit in the globalist banksters’ crimes.

We need those state and federal judges, prosecutors, sheriffs and lawmakers to know that we’re prepared to die fighting to protect the principles and practices of limited, Constitutional self-government from being wiped off the face of the earth and from living human memory by the arrogant, hubristic traitors to God and country who gather in smug, self-congratulatory conclaves at Davos, Geneva, City of London, Brussels, Jackson Hole and Washington DC.

We need to build momentum and build more public understanding.

If we keep going, at some moment in time either the complicit federal courts will fall into irrelevance, because individual states will secede to escape from federal executive abuse and rebuild constitutional, limited-government societies at smaller scale OR the federal courts will realign themselves to join the People and evict the globalist invaders and their accomplices in the US Government, so that a critical mass of men and women of integrity can take the rudder and right the ship of state. 

One way or the other, We the People must ensure that the invaders are isolated, surrounded and removed from power. 

That’s what they’ve been trying to do to us for 75 years now. Covid exposed their monstrous faces.

They won’t stop until we make them stop.

So pick a legal template, print a form, sign it and deliver it.

Get your friends and family to follow your lead.

And then do another one.

Give God lots of material with which to work His miracles.

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